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No Shave November by Silver-L1ght No Shave November :iconsilver-l1ght:Silver-L1ght 0 0 Shell of a Man by Silver-L1ght Shell of a Man :iconsilver-l1ght:Silver-L1ght 1 2
My Greatest Gift...
My Greatest Gift…
You know, you have it bad.
When you feel like your always,
Falling gently through the air.
When you cant get,
Her out of your mind.
Her smiling face,
Staring back at you as you sleep.
Calmly waiting,
For her next words.
Heart swelling like,
An eager child's.
When they appear.
You know, its funny,
How easy it is to be in it so deep.
Your also scared,
That one day you'll wake up.
With all that is holding,
Your world gone.
Disappearing into the wind,
Like so many before.
Off to look,
For something new.
Something exciting.
Leaves you wondering…
How long,
Will you have to search?
Walking around,
The world looking at others.
When your own,
Happily ever after will come.
Or if yours has already passed,
If its still to come, if its already there.
Standing by your side.
But I'm ready…
To lay my seven pounds.
Into your gentle hands.
Never have I entrusted this treasure,
To anyone else, always has it been mine.
Maybe this is a si
:iconsilver-l1ght:Silver-L1ght 0 0
Sails billowing in the winds,
On ship far out to sea.
Small bells twinkling,
Metal chimes, like the call of many birds.
The sea gently rocking,
These men from side to side.
Ocean spray and the sound of waves.
Like a mothers lullaby.
Chill winds gently caressing,
Ones face, like the hand of a lover.
The smell of the air, crisp and clean,
Inviting and rich.
These men are home,
On the roiling waves.
The bosom of a mother,
A lonely lover.
The grave of many brave men.
Onward they sail,
Solemn and quiet.
Scouring the waters,
For foes unseen.
Gliding in the depths,
Clear and pristine.
Watching and waiting,
Like the angels of death.
Ready to take these men,
Back into their mothers arms.
:iconsilver-l1ght:Silver-L1ght 2 2
The Last Man
The Last Man
Notes humming in the air
The silent tapping of keys
Hitting an old wooden frame
Quiet melody drifting
Among the winds
For all to hear
Calm winds blowing
Through the streets
Rustling the leaves
Clinging to the branches
Holding on for dear life
Dew dropping to the ground below
Like the tears of man
Seasons pass
The world ever changing
Starting young
Full of life
Lush and bright
Then growing old
Sombre and cold
Covered in an icy cocoon
Repeating this cycle
Like the turning of a wheel
Vibrations in the air
Of a quiet, faltering
Flow, coming out
Of thin strings
Used and frayed
From use and old age
Lonely man standing under the trees
Emotions, hopes, dreams, frustrations
Hang heavy from every note
Quietly singing farewell
The wind sweeping it all away
:iconsilver-l1ght:Silver-L1ght 0 0
No Warnings
No Warnings
Sparkling in the distance
Gray mist drifting around you
In the rain All time pauses
from this beautiful sight
Little whispers in the wind
Warning us all of the dangers
The dangers of getting close
If I held my hand out to you
Would you take it
Would you hold it
Or would you move away
And vanish in the mist
And leave me wondering
When you said
You'd never hurt me
Did you mean it or was it a lie
Was it the games of a girl
Before she walked away
Things like this
Are what opens your eyes
Its hard to take when you say your ok
Hard to take when it feels
Like a part of you is gone for ever
A pair of opened eyes
And a heart severed in half
Was the change worth the pain
There's no reason
That I should accept
The way things have become
But what can you do
When your handed a piece of the puzzle
Sucked into the game
And forced to play
As you slowly fall apart
Ripped apart from within
It happens and when it does you break down
Not knowing what to do, where to go
But you can keep going,
:iconsilver-l1ght:Silver-L1ght 0 0
Tattoo No5 commission by Silver-L1ght Tattoo No5 commission :iconsilver-l1ght:Silver-L1ght 0 0
Unanswered Call
Unanswered call
Locked in a small dark room
Huddled in the corner nursing my wounds
Sewing this broken heart together again
Seems like I’m more thread then flesh…
Burned into my mind
The image of you walking away
Down a dark path I cant follow
Like taking a knife
And cutting the rope
A drowning man is holding
Hard to believe
That when I was sad you’d cheer me up
Pick me up and dust me off when I fell
Held me tightly when I cried
Always there to save me from myself when I needed you
Laughing with me during the good times
Keeping an eye on me even when you didn’t want too
This was how you reminded me that I was a person
Something alive
Something with feelings
Like I was worth something to someone
Now, I cant remember anything
Looking back seeing myself and nothing else
Its like a void
Looking back and seeing only a cloud of smoke
A black void beside me where you used to be
All the pictures of us growing up and together
Wiped blank, leaving nothing but a lonely child
:iconsilver-l1ght:Silver-L1ght 0 0
The Chains of Life
The Chains of Life
Walking along a most familiar path
Life goes on dragging you deeper into the muck
Its better not to struggle
Lest the chains become tighter around you
Wrapped around your throat
Your arms legs and your chest
Squeezing ever so softly
Tightening their hold ever so slowly
Able to snuff out your life
At any moment, with nothing but a squeeze
You can fight and you can run
But the chain weigh you down
With their iron cold grip
Nothing lasts forever
Hurtling through time and space
Blindly marching through life
As a pawn, a slave, a play thing
Simply repeating
Everyday, working to live, living to work
Life’s little slave
Becoming a mindless machine
Working with cold hearted precision
Not giving a damn about
Your hopes and dreams
Burning and shattered
Evaporating in a cloud of smoke
All that you’ve worked towards
Everything you’ve hoped for
Gone with the wind
Never again to return from whence it came..
:iconsilver-l1ght:Silver-L1ght 1 0
The night ran wild with the mix of sounds running through the air. The sound of foot steps crunching on the cement, snores, cars rumbling in the distance, dogs barking and howling throughout the town, and the tapping of rain hitting buildings. A lone man was squatting at the end of a roof, looking over the streets, the people below completely oblivious to the hunter above them. Scanning the area once more, he tenses his body and leaps to the next roof. Walking along the edge until he reaches the corner of the street again looking around, like an animal hunting for prey. The man’s eyes quickly change from a dull grey to a crimson red the pupils dilating. Looking  around, his gaze lingering on a man sitting in the park.
He raises his hand to his ear and pressed a small button on the ear piece.
:iconsilver-l1ght:Silver-L1ght 0 0
Dev ID 3 by Silver-L1ght Dev ID 3 :iconsilver-l1ght:Silver-L1ght 0 8 The Big Bang by Silver-L1ght The Big Bang :iconsilver-l1ght:Silver-L1ght 1 7 Raisa by Silver-L1ght Raisa :iconsilver-l1ght:Silver-L1ght 0 6 Change of Heart by Silver-L1ght Change of Heart :iconsilver-l1ght:Silver-L1ght 0 8 My Future Tattoo by Silver-L1ght My Future Tattoo :iconsilver-l1ght:Silver-L1ght 0 5 Silver Reff-Silver-L1ght by Silver-L1ght Silver Reff-Silver-L1ght :iconsilver-l1ght:Silver-L1ght 0 13


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MP3 player of choice: N/A
Shell of choice: Bowser's shell :)
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Skin of choice: Scales...WHAT! i like reptiles...jeez
Favourite cartoon character: Inuzuka Kiba/Akamaru and Nara Shikamaru
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i am soo sorry for being gone for so long! (to anyone who still checks back to me every once in a while) my new job has been keeping me busy :( too busy in fact for alot of the things i used to do (mainly hanging out with friends and family, and my hobbies) but, im now starting to get the hang of life with a job (that takes 39.8 hours of my time every week) so im getting better and making good use of my free time! so expect to see more activity from me now :D

im hoping to run into my old friends on here again, and look forward to hearing from you all :)

this is wolfy signing off!


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Hey, haven't talked to you in a while. I just wanted to let you know I'm cleaning out my watchers and if you want to re-watch me, feel free to :)
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okies :) i havent been active lately due to alot of life changes, but im back :D, expect to see some kind of art finding its way to the web soon :P
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What kind of life changes?
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Lost my job, lost the love of my life, and lost a few good friends so creatively i havent been active lately but im getting better :) plus i've had to worry about school and finding a new job, but most of that stress is dying away now sooooo woot! :P
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you have very good art, its the least i could do to show my apreciation :)
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